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Jeff Jacobs | photo by Brandon Vallejo
Image by Adi Goldstein
Image by Bailey Alexander
Image by Johnell Pannell
Jeff Jacobs | photo by Brandon Vallejo
Jeff Jacobs | Photo by Brandon Vallejo


Jeff Jacobs is a multi-talented singer, composer, guitarist, pianist, producer, and teacher based in New York City and San Diego. His array of musical heroes ranges from Billy Joel and Paul Simon, to Jeff Buckley and Jason Mraz and these influences shine through in his blues, folk, country, and alt-rock sound.


The son of an opera singer and a poet, one might say that Jeff was bred for songwriting. His childhood summers were spent in doing spiritual retreats In the Catskill Mountains with his mother (the opera singer). Weekends with his father (the poet), were spent fishing in the bays of Long Island. Jeff attended college at Binghamton University, where he majored in business and found his true calling in songwriting.
Jeff has performed in over 20 countries and lived in England. His international travels taught him that music is very much an international language that speaks to and connects people of all ages and backgrounds, and that music can empower and heal communities during times of struggle and strife. 

During the COVID pandemic, amid mandated lockdowns, Jeff began performing songs on balconies throughout New York City, playing songs that inspired and uplifted all who listened. His 'Balcony Band' appearances created a following that was featured on CBS and NBC, as well as in articles in the New York Post and the “I Love the Upper West Side" newsletter.


Jeff's EP, "Enjoy The View" as well as several singles he's released over the years is available on Spotify and wherever music is streamed. Combined with his repertoire of over 1,000 cover songs, he performs at venues throughout NYC, including Rockwood Music Hall, Haswell Green's, Hammerstein Ballroom, and City Winery. Jeff is currently working on his first full -length album, and continues to perform at clubs, private parties and corporate events.

Jeff Jacobs | photo by Jan Goldstoff
Jeff Jacobs | photo by Brandon Vallejo
Image by Bailey Alexander
Image by Adi Goldstein


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