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Jeff Jacobs
Jeff Jacobs performs on the Upper West Side
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July 1, 2020

"On the Upper West Side, Jeff Jacobs has been treating his neighbors to 7 p.m. concerts from his girlfriend’s fire escape on West 100th Street (now they’re more pop-ups) using a small amount of amplification, a bevy of instruments and a catalog of crowd-pleasing hits from The Beatles, Whitney Houston and Justin Timberlake.

Dozens of people gather every day on the wide cross street below to listen. In recent weeks, as the pandemic’s grip on the city has eased, people have loosened up and danced a little more, Jacobs reports. Songs about New York — from Frank Sinatra to Jay-Z — are always a hit."

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"'Enjoy The View' is in the upper echelon of albums I've received...brilliant."

-  Anthony Famiglietti of WEHM Radio

Since the release of Jeff Jacobs' debut E.P., "Enjoy The View" his powerful voice and hook-infused melodic writing have been winning over live audiences worldwide. Jeff's array of musical heroes from Billy Joel & Paul Simon, to Jeff Buckley & Jason Mraz, shine through in his blues, folk, country, and alt-rock-influenced sound. Jeff's lyrics have an emotional depth that is seldom found in modern songwriters. His songs have been featured on the soundtracks of television shows on MTV and his debut EP was selected as AOLMusic’s album of the week, alongside R.E.M and Tony Lucca.


Jeff Jacobs is a multi-talented singer, composer, guitarist, pianist, producer, and teacher. The son of an opera singer and a poet, you might say he was bred for songwriting. He spent his childhood summers in the Catskill Mountains with his mother, the opera singer, learning the practices of yoga and meditation, and the weekends with his father, the poet, fishing in the bays of Long Island. He has been playing piano since he was 7 and guitar since he was 18. He attended college at Binghamton University where he majored in business and found his true calling in songwriting.
Jeff spent over 10 years traveling internationally and performed in over 20 countries. He lived abroad for 1 year in England at Lancaster University. This exposure to many cultures of the world led Jeff to have a better understanding of how important music is and furthered his passion to develop his creative musical abilities, learning that music is an international language that speaks to and connects people of different ages and backgrounds and it can empower and heal communities during times of struggle and strife. 

As a young boy, Jeff was very into science fiction action movies and would often fantasize about becoming a hero during times of distress in the world. Fast forward to the present time and Jeff is has developed a following performing songs on balconies and on the streets in New York City; songs that inspire and uplift all who listen during this pandemic crisis. 

The story of his quarantine balcony concert series has been featured on CBS and NBC as well as in articles in the New York Post and the “I Love the Upper West Side" newsletter. He is grateful for the many accolades he has received from his growing fan base. 
In 2010, Jeff submitted his song "The Necklace" to the John Lennon songwriting competition, and although he did not win, he received a letter from the head of the organization saying that his song made her cry. Since then, he has composed 30 original songs and he also has over 1,000 cover songs by many of the greats from the Beatles, Elvis, Queen, and Frank Sinatra to Ed Sheeran, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Cat Stephens, and Adele in his catalog. He has played at many music venues in NYC including Hammerstein Ballroom, City Winery, and Rockwood Music Hall as well as at corporate events and private parties.


Jeff's EP and several singles are available to download on iTunes, as well as all major streaming platforms. He also has written a number of new songs and plans to release his originals as singles over the coming months.


Jeff and his good friend Scott Krokoff are the co-hosts of the songwriter series “Writer’s Room,” which takes place at music venues in Manhattan's Lower East Side, has been running since 2018 and has featured over 200 singer/songwriters from across the world. 

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